China export gets slowed down in November

China’s export faced a slow down last month due to falling global demand and China-US trade tensions.


China’s export rose by 5.4 percent in November, on the other hand, it imports rose by 3.0 percent, all these growths were way below the estimated increase, as per the customs administration data.


China’s overall trade saw a surplus of $44.7 billion in November. The surplus was $35 billion in the previous month.


This slowed down export, and import growth of China is another reason behind the worrying China economy. This growth of China’s economy is the slowest since last nine years.


Earlier this month, the US president Donald Trump and Chinese president Xi Jinping mutually decided to stop any further tariffs on each other's products. This halt will continue for 90 days. Donald Trump was planning to raise taxes on $200 billion on Chinese imports.


Not just this, China has also been facing many issues on the business front. China expressed its anger after a top executive and daughter of the founder of Huawei were arrested in Canada